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建筑师: Charles Wright Architects


建筑师负责人:Charles Wright

项目团队:Charles Wright, Richard Blight, Justine Wright, Darcy Shapcott


摄影: Patrick Bingham Hall

结构工程:G&A Consultants Pty Ltd

土木工程:McPherson MacLean Wargon Chapman

液压系统:Gilboy Hydraulic Solutions

机电工程:MGF Consultants

工料测量师:Turner & Townsend

景观设计师:Andrew Prowse

承包商:PD Builders





Architects: Charles Wright Architects

Location: Queensland, Australia

Architect In Charge: Charles Wright

Project Team: Charles Wright, Richard Blight, Justine Wright, Darcy Shapcott

Year: 2013

Photographs: Patrick Bingham Hall

Structural Engineering: G&A Consultants Pty Ltd

Civil Engineering: McPherson MacLean Wargon Chapman

Hydraulics: Gilboy Hydraulic Solutions

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering: MGF Consultants

Quantity Surveyor: Turner & Townsend

Landscape Architect: Andrew Prowse

Contractor: PD Builders

CWA were approached by the project client to deliver a carbon neutral (in operation) solution for an environmentally sensitive site off-grid on the edge of the FNQ beachfront rainforest. The aim was not to simply produce an engineered outcome but produce a building which made the most of the sites natural amenity and re-introduced the surrounding native wetland environment. The building is literally reflected by way of its siting over an engineered water ecosystem which was the result of lengthy liaison & collaboration with National Parks, Environmental Agencies, State and Local Government.

The design is formed in an innovative combination of in-situ and precast concrete. The concrete has been engineered & insulated incorporating a total solar panelled roof to provide for a constant cooler & more comfortable ambient temperature year-round. The design utilises massive cantilevers to mitigate impact from potential flooding & king tide inundation associated with cyclonic activity. The project has been designed to be solid and to withstand intense cyclones.

ESD initiatives include: total 250,000 ltr water harvesting, recycling & reticulation, renewable solar energy generation with solar backup non-reliant on fossil fuel backup generation, On-site Advanced Tertiary Sewerage treatment plant, grey water recycling & irrigation, Shaded & Insulated Thermal mass engineering, ‘green’ cooling & energy conservation controlled via building automation system (CBUS).