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建筑师: David Jameson Architect Inc. – Ron Southwick

地点: 美国,马里兰州,Bethesda

面积: 450 平方米

基地面积: 0.52 英亩

完成: 2011年11月

摄影: Paul Warchol




Architects: David Jameson Architect Inc. – Ron Southwick

Location: Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Area: 450 sqm

Site Area: 0.52 acres

Completion: November, 2011

Photographs: Paul Warchol

Breaking the prescriptive mold of horizontally layered homes, NaCl House aspires to render unclear the spatial organization of the project and explore an architecture of ambiguous scale.  The resultant massing reveals an imperfect, rough-hewn form recalling the natural isometric formation of mineral rock salt.

The exterior composition is read as a single object that reflects a dynamic fluid interior. Uncorrelated to the buildings structure, glazing panels are detailed flush to the exterior surface, eliminating shadows which further inhibit a reading of the buildings scale.