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建筑师负责人:José Antonio Popoca, Felipe Argüelles

面积:928 sqm


摄影: Barry Shapiro

合作者:Julian Torres Carpentier, Erick Sakal, Gabriela Sánchez, Pedro Ledesma, Angelica Espinosa

结构:José Luis Gonzalez

照明设计:Miguel Calanchini










Architects: FANARQ + THAA

Location: La Colina, Balcones, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Architect In Charge: José Antonio Popoca, Felipe Argüelles

Area: 928 sqm

Year: 2013

Photographs: Barry Shapiro

Collaborators: Julian Torres Carpentier, Erick Sakal, Gabriela Sánchez, Pedro Ledesma, Angelica Espinosa

Structure: José Luis Gonzalez

Lighting Design: Miguel Calanchini

From the architect. The project is developed under the premise of being a home which is completely accessible for users in wheelchairs, because there are differently abled members in the family that inhabits the house, as well as senior members.

The lot area is uneven and bumpy, so the form responds to the topography and to the family requirements by using ramps and bridges as elements that connect the different volumes, placed in the central part of the lot and at different heights according to the topography, emphasizing the view of the natural environment.

There was a particular interest in creating open, comfortable spaces, elements with strong character, gardens and places for deep thought and contemplation, inciting being in touch with nature through large windows, tracks and visual spots.

Traditional materials are brought back, like tepetate (limestone), combining it with contemporary textures like cast concrete and steel.

There are five main volumes in La Colina (A, B, C, D and E).

Volume A is connected to the street via the parking access. Volume B is the social area. Volume C is comprised with the media room and guest room. Volume D contains the bedrooms, which are connected to volume B by ramps, and, volume E is the main bedroom. The swimming pool is a strong character volume that completes the composition.

A solar energy harvesting system was designed to produce electricity, and to heat water for common usage and for the swimming pool. Also, a rainwater collection system was provided, in an attempt to lower maintenance costs and environmental impact.

The light is also a key protagonist. During the day it floods with life and warmth every space, producing light and shadow effects, creating singular environments; and by night, a special illumination design gives a careful shading to enrich experiences both inside and outside the house.