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建筑公司: Container Design


建筑师:Takanobu Kishimoto

项目面积:725.67 sqm


摄影:Eiji Tomita







Architects: Container Design

Location: Awa, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

Architect: Takanobu Kishimoto

Area: 725.67 sqm

Year: 2013

Photographs: Eiji Tomita

From the architect. The client hoped for a spacious house with a garden.

I begun with considering each necessary living space as 'units', and the initial idea was a typical room, shaped in a square. However, this typology would limit four exterior connections, and I felt that this was not in synergy with the owner's request.

The next step I took was to plan a circle as a surface comprising all the units, and the connection with the exterior environment is radial and open. However, this would impede with the privacy of the occupants.

Thus, I combined these two ideas, combining square units in a radial direction, with an interior courtyard. The units are connected interiorly, thus providing some privacy.

The courtyard and the exterior surroundings. The house achieves it's spaciousness by connecting these two entities.