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建筑师: Manuel Aires Mateus, SIA arquitectura


合作者:Ana Rita Martins

项目面积:208 sqm


摄影: FG+SG - architectural photography

工程师:Betar | Promee | Campo d´água

承包商:Mateus Frazão





Architects: Manuel Aires Mateus, SIA arquitectura

Location: Melides, Portugal

Collaborator: Ana Rita Martins

Project Area: 208 sqm

Project Year: 2013

Photographs: FG+SG - architectural photography

Engineering: Betar | Promee | Campo d´água

Contractor: Mateus Frazão

From the architect. On the Grândola crest, the house is designed in the balance between a courtyard house, with a protected core relating to the sky, and an opening to the distant ocean view.

The topography is modeled, to protect it from the access road, and release the view.

The perimeter delineates the internal lodgings and its transitions. High volumetric spaces, occupied by elements that define functions and atmospheres.