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建筑师:Aytac Architects


建筑师负责人:Aytac Architects

设计团队:Alper Aytaç , İlker Başyazıcı, Kugu Iscan, Seda Karabulut, Murat Atacan, Mehmet Emin Bayraktar, Esma Sarıkaya

景观建筑师:Cevsa Peyzaj, Gülşen Aytaç

项目面积:4791.0 sqm


摄影:Courtesy of Aytac Architects

Hebil 157别墅体现了设计概念。五座独特的别墅分布在5英亩多的土地上,俯瞰着宁静的Hebil湾全景。每座别墅的朝向都经过建筑师策略性的安排。所有别墅都能欣赏到广阔美妙的海湾景色,同时还能享受到周围爱琴海的景观与地中海的微风。

五座别墅的形状就像曾经位于Hebil 157别墅基地附近的具有传奇色彩的Kos火山的结晶熔岩流一样。涡流状的“博德鲁姆白”建筑从地面上突然爆发,融入了安静的背景中。中央庭院内种植着百年老橄榄树,向当地的植物表达了敬意。大面积的玻璃表面将如画的风景带进室内,模糊了内外之间的界限。





Architects: Aytac Architects

Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Architect In Charge: Aytac Architects

Design Team: Alper Aytaç , İlker Başyazıcı, Kugu Iscan, Seda Karabulut, Murat Atacan, Mehmet Emin Bayraktar, Esma Sarıkaya

Landscape Architect: Cevsa Peyzaj, Gülşen Aytaç

Area: 4791.0 sqm

Year: 2012

Photographs: Courtesy of Aytac Architects

Hebil 157 Houses is a manifestation of this idea. Five unique villas are spread over five acres overlooking the tranquil panorama of Hebil Bay. Each villa is positioned strategically. All equally benefit from vast and wonderful views of the bay as they interact with the surrounding Aegean landscape, and the Mediterranean Breeze.

The five villas are shaped and formed like the crystallized lava flows of the legendary Volcano Kos once located near the Hebil 157 site. Erupting out of the terrain dramatically, the vortexing “Bodrum White” masses merge into the background with serenity. Embracing the century old olive trees the central courtyard pays homage to the local flora. Large glass surfaces bring the picturesque landscape inside, blurring the division between inside and outside.

The influence of the volcano is experienced both in materiality and spatial organization. The spaces are fluidly connected, rejecting compartmentalization.

No stone other than volcanic basalt has been used in the interior spaces. For the external spaces, local volcanic agglomerate, the output of in-situ excavations has been used extensively.

The project investigates the rich relationship between the dynamics and complex forces of nature, which transforms into a relaxing therapeutic environment, ornamented with ten thousand lavenders.