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建筑师:314 Architecture Studio


建筑师负责人:Pavlos Chatziangelidis

顾问工程师:Fotini Karagianni

施工方:Mohamed Ahmed

项目面积:1,000 sqm


摄影:Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio




Architects: 314 Architecture Studio

Location: Athens, Greece

Architect In Charge: Pavlos Chatziangelidis

Consultant Engineer: Fotini Karagianni

Construction: Mohamed Ahmed

Area: 1,000 sqm

Year: 2012

Photographs: Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

This private house of a total 1000m2 is located on a plot of land of 7000m2. The house was designed in order to give the sense of hovering over the water and sailing, inspired by the owners love for yachts.

The bioclimatic design of the residence, the cooling feeling of the house through the contact of water and the use of sun and the geothermic energy are consistent in developing a highly dynamic and modern but also eco friendly design.