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建筑师: KWK Promes

地点: 波兰

作者: Robert Konieczny

合作者: Katarzyna Furgalińska, Magdalena Adamczak, Łukasz

结构设计: Kornel Szyndler

面积: 990.0 平方米

年代: 2012

摄影: Olo Studio, Juliusz Sokołowski




Architects: KWK Promes

Location: Poland

Author: Robert Konieczny

Collaboration: Katarzyna Furgalińska, Magdalena Adamczak, Łukasz Marciniak

Structural Engineering: Kornel Szyndler

Area: 990.0 sqm

Year: 2012

Photographs: Olo Studio, Juliusz Sokołowski

From the architect. Autofamily house represents a new way of thinking about the entrance area in a suburban residence. We usually enter the house by a car, using the garage integrated in main solid. The main entrance is rarely used. Nowadays the cars are becoming cleaner and more eco-friendly, hence the idea emerged to include the garage into the representative entrance area. As a result, a new type of a family house emerged. In the Autofamily House the entrance area and the driveway get transformed into an unique multifunctional space and the moment of driving in the house become a pleasant experience.

The terrain is leveled in order to obtain two zones: the driveway space and the private garden. The driveway is left on the ground level and the house with intimate garden is lifted 3 meters above and separated by a retaining wall. As to comfort access to the building, in meaning of parking the car on the level of living room, a route connecting the two levels were designed. However, to avoid dividing the garden, the driveway is covered with a green roof and finished with walls serving as borderlines. The result is a tunnel emerging in the garden, becoming a house. The owner is an art collector so the tunnel is also used as a gallery of his paintings collection.