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建筑师:Aguilera/Guerrero Arquitectos


项目面积:3,230 sqm

摄影: Pepo Segura






Architects: Aguilera/Guerrero Arquitectos

Location: Tarragona, Catalunia, Spain

Area: 3,230 sqm

Photographs: Pepo Segura

The project arises from the need to give a clear answer to the singularity of the site through an urban solution that is sensitive to its character, and capable of articulating itself with its environment.

The new building seeks to connect to the existing block and thus give volumetric continuity to the whole ensemble.

This suggests a proposal of open and permeable but compact blocks.

An industrialized and standardized construction system is combined with conventional construction solutions. Applied to a housing typology known from the outset, these are to remain within a logic of optimization and economy in their modulation.