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Dimit事务所在俄亥俄州克利夫兰的小意大利地区(Little Italy)城市改造地区设计了27个联排住宅。这些住宅使用本地的建材,采用了可持续的技术手段,住宅也有良好的户外空间和美丽的景观。住宅是毛坯房,住户可以自行选择室内装修商,可以选择业内的领先企业,也可以选择设计住宅的Dimit事务所做室内装修。


建筑师: Dimit Architects - Scott Dimit, Analia Dimit (Principles)

地点: 美国,俄亥俄州,克里夫兰市

项目建筑师: Adam Parris

设计: Jason Holtzman, Matt Sommer

项目开发者: Abode Living, LLC of Cleveland- Andrew Brickman (Managing Partner)

项目承包商: Abode Living, LLC of Cleveland


Dimit Architects have developed twenty-seven Townhouses in Cleveland, Ohio within Little Italy in a reclaimed inner-city area, providing buyers with homes that are composed of sustainable and locally-produced materials, private outdoor space and beautiful vistas of the surrounding neighborhood. The design strategy of the homes will give the owners the power to customize their spaces with complimentary interior design consultations from a selection of leading firms, including Dimit Architects.

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The loft-style townhouses are located at boundary of active train and transit lines, creating a buffer zone to protect the neighborhood of Little Italy in Cleveland. The three-story residences feature terraces and balconies that provide each unit with outdoor space and the opportunity for urban gardening. The houses all feature dramatic facades that express the lofted space within and with high ceiling they provide a dramatic view of the neighborhood surrounding them. Residents have the option of adding a green tray planting in front of their homes and adding a roof trellis for privacy and shade. In order to preserve additional privacy for the residents, the facade is clad in phenolic panels that function as a rain screen with additional cement board panels. For environmental performance, the architects chose double pane insulated low-E windows, insulated fiberglass doors, programmable thermostat, R13 insulation exterior walls, R30 insulation ceilings, sound insulation and house wrap and sealant package.

Architects: Dimit Architects - Scott Dimit, Analia Dimit (Principles)

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Project Architect: Adam Parris

Designers: Jason Holtzman, Matt Sommer

Project Developer: Abode Living, LLC of Cleveland- Andrew Brickman (Managing Partner)

Project Contractor: Abode Living, LLC of Cleveland