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建筑师: Ami Shinar – Amir Mann


项目团队:Ami Shinar, Bark Levy, Serge Ferman.

开发商:Zalman Zecharia Investment Co.

大厅室内设计:Zigie Zohar

项目面积:8500.0 sqm


摄影: Dana Polo

建筑师提供的项目信息。Z设计大楼毗邻霍隆设计博物馆(由Ron Arad设计),表现了公寓基本的“聚合”概念,它几乎成为一个独立的单元。公寓楼的连接方式很简单,每两个楼层(含四个公寓)一组,围绕建筑核心筒旋转,与下面两层和上面两层交错设置。因此每两个公寓中就有一个拥有30平方米的超大“屋顶露台”,它们也是建筑体量的一个组成部分






Architects: Ami Shinar – Amir Mann

Location: Holon, Israel

Project Team: Ami Shinar, Bark Levy, Serge Ferman.

Developer: Zalman Zecharia Investment Co.

Lobby Interiors: Zigie Zohar

Area: 8500.0 sqm

Year: 2013

Photographs: Dana Polo

From the architect. The basic concept behind the Z Design building, located next to Design Museum Holon (by Ron Arad), is the expression of the basic residential"aggregate"– the apartment –almost as an independent unit. This articulation is achieved simply as each second floor (containing four apartments) rotates around the building core relative to the two floors below or above. Thus also every second apartment gains a large 30 sqm "roof terrace", as an integral element of building mass.

The rich volumetric composition of the whole building is achieved almost as a by-product of that simple shift. Thus also another feature is gained: no more "main" and "side" facades;each side of the building is as important.

Of course this design maybe a renewal of old, quite forgotten ideas, such as Safdie's1967 Habitat in Montreal, Kisho Kurokawa’s Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo (1972) and less known "Patio Building" in Beer-Sheva, Israel, by Lufenfeld-Gamerman, 1965. However most such pioneering experiments somehow have vanished.

The Z Design Building with its "revolving" geometry reproduces this old-new vocabulary, while simply and economically constructed as conventional concrete skeleton with on-site prefab walls installed on it.In 30 or 40 story high buildings it will just as well be implemented: we may envision a whole city block designed accordingly with low-rise street buildings surrounding some tall ones in between, around a small open public space.

Exterior finishes are quite basic, consisting mainly of cut white stone, integrated into the on-site cast-in place wall units. Recessed planes are cladded with grey granite while small areas between windows and balcony edges are cladded in aluminum. We may say that the building's beauty lies in its logic of volumetric formation, almost regardless of any expensive finish materials.