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Tammo Prinz事务所 参与了秘鲁利马的一个新住宅塔楼设计竞赛,参赛方案利用柏拉图式的建筑体创造了生动的室内外空间。



由于正十二面体很容易就能被切割成两半形成平坦的侧面,因此Tammo Prinz事务所的建筑师希望能将这种模块化的柏拉图设计技术运用到未来的众多住宅项目中。请大家留心观察,在不久的将来,我们很可能会看到更多这种几何形式的建筑出现。


Tammo Prinz's competition entry for a new residential tower in Lima, Peru, proposes the use of platonian bodies to generate dramatic interior and exterior spaces.

The concrete dodekaeder structure drives the form of the design whilst smaller cubic shapes are strategically placed within this to generate spaces for everyday living. The relationship between these two spatial qualities, of interior and exterior, reveals a series of unique spaces that can be used as an extension of the interior, or as a balcony-like outdoors area.

The multi-storey proposal addresses a need for greater public space in Lima through the design of a large sunken public plaza. Generous voids in the bottom levels of the building allow natural light to pour into the multi-purpose space that includes a stepped ampitheatre. The playful nature of the staggered, colourful steps down into the plaza provide some releif from the brutal concrete structure, inviting passers-by to interact with the space.

With dodekaeder easlily able to be sliced in half to form a flat side, architects Tammo Prinz hope to apply this modular, platonian design technique to a number of future residential projects. Keep an eye out because we may be seeing more of this kind of geometrically informed architecture in the very near future.