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建筑师:Iberian Arquitectos ((Terradas Arquitectos + Eduardo Souto de Moura)


合作者:Federico Acetti, Daniel Castro

总面积:65,000 sqm



摄影:Pedro Pegenaute



1. 建筑垂直发展,释放更多的土地,减少建筑的影响,适应这一区域的形态特点。私人住宅楼高25层,社会住房住宅楼高14层,酒店建筑高7层。

2. 释放多达8500平方米的土地创造绿色空间,该空间一直延伸到欧罗巴公园,连接起Can Zam的休闲综合设施。

3. 在城市层面上发展象征意义。设计创造了双重象征元素——通往Singuerlin小区的通道,它采用了正式的建筑语言,位于两座高层住宅楼之间。



Architects: Iberian Arquitectos (Terradas Arquitectos + Eduardo Souto de Moura)

Location: Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Spain

Collaborators: Federico Acetti, Daniel Castro

Total Area: 65,000 sqm

Project Years: 2004-2011

Client: Prosavi

Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute

The site is located between two areas with very different morphologies due to the uncontrolled expansion of the city. To one side is the old town, a consolidated front of constant heights—the centre of development in the sixties—that acted as a barrier to later urban growth and, on the other, the Singuerlin neighbourhood, a disordered, irregular area of growth on a steeply sloping site. The completion of the B-20 expressway and the construction of Europa Park in the nineties united the two areas without addressing the Singuerlin neighbourhood.

The Pallaresa project deals with this front. The urban strategy consists in creating a new centrality by introducing amenities at the urban scale, such as a hotel and multiscreen cinema. The programme is completed by 200 dwellings. This involved three basic concepts:

1. Verticality of the buildings to free up land, reducing their impact and adapting to the morphological characteristics of the area. The private building is 25 floors high, and the social housing block has 14 floors. The hotel stands seven storeys high.

2. Freeing up as much as 8,500 m2 of land to create green space that extends Europa Park and connects with the leisure complex at Can Zam.

3. Symbolism at an urban level. A double symbolic element is generated, the gateway to the Singuerlin neighbourhood which is defined by the formal dialogue between the two high-rise residential buildings.

The three buildings are arranged on the site in such a way that the entrances, marked by large projections, configure a great urban space, forming a porched plaza.