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开发商M. David Paul合伙人公司及Worthe房地产集团已委托弗兰克·盖里在他的家乡加利福尼亚圣莫妮卡设计一座混合用途的酒店与住宅大厦。这座22层的“海洋大道项目”在街道层设有餐厅和零售空间,上面是有125间客房的酒店,再往上是22个公寓单元,屋顶层有一个观景台,项目的设计目标是刺激沿海城市的经济发展。为了适应西海岸以汽车为中心的生活方式,大厦地下设计有三层的停车场供居民和游客使用。此外,开发商还计划在设计中加入一个3.6万平方英尺的博物馆园区,在两英亩的项目基地北面为这个项目增加文化气息。



Developers M. David Paul Associates and the Worthe Real Estate Group have commissioned Frank Gehry to design a mixed-use hotel and residential tower in his hometown of Santa Monica, California. The 22-story “Ocean Avenue Project” aims to stimulate the coastal city’s economy with street-level restaurant and retail space below a 125-room hotel and 22-unit condominium tower topped with a rooftop observation deck. As for accommodating the car-centric lifestyle of the West Coast, resident and visitor parking will be available in a three-story subterranean garage beneath the tower. In addition, the developers plan to integrate a 36,000 square foot museum campus that will add a cultural perk to the development just North of its two-acre site.

Although this project looks promising, the 244-foot, Gehry-esque tower is currently pending approval from the City. A vote by the end of March will decide its fate.