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BIG为温哥华最新的混合用途大厦所做的设计——497英尺高的Beach & Howe大厦已登上国际头条新闻,该设计获得了城市设计小组的“热情认可”。

受加拿大西岸房地产巨头Ian Gillespie的委托,Bjarke Ingles集团设计的大厦为温哥华的天际线又增添了一个异质的扭转形态,在城市居民区边缘未定义的区域创建了一座新的标志性建筑。这座面积为70万平方英尺的综合楼得到了城市设计小组的称赞,建筑内包括商店、社会住房、市场租赁公寓,墩座共九层,占据了格兰维尔街桥入口和出口坡道之间废弃的间隙空间。

这些令人沮丧的空间毫不意外地被汽车占据,没有人在这里举行活动,BIG提议将这些空间转变成文化场所和行人停留地点。玻璃“棱镜”将提供理想的零售与公共空间,而原有的建筑立面和桥体表面将被改造成引人注目的室外画廊。此外,Bjarke还设计了一条穿过桥下的道路,成为户外市场、节日庆典和音乐会的举办场所。城市设计小组成员Peter Wreglesworth对这个项目的评价令人印象深刻,他把这个项目描述为“城市艺术的整体组成”。

虽然对于Beach & Howe大厦来说获得城市设计小组的批准已经是迈出了重要一步,但获得市政府批准还要经历一个漫长的过程。

监控项目发展的名为CityHallWatch的宣传小组已经对这座52层的大厦给予了关注。正如《环球邮报》所报道的,发言人Randy Helten认为大厦的高度,尤其是接近福溪住宅区和大桥入口的位置都很成问题,Randy说道:“497英尺高的建筑实际上只属于中央商业区。”



A BIG step forward for Vancouver’s latest mixed-use tower making international headlines, as the 497-foot tall Beach and Howe proposal has received an “enthusiastic endorsement” from the city’s design panel.

Commissioned by Canada’s real estate mogul Ian Gillespie of Westbank, the Bjarke Ingles Group-designed tower promises to add a foreign twist to Vancouver’s skyline and create a new identity for an undefined section of town at the fringe of the city's residential area. The 700,000 square foot complex - which contains shopping, social housing and market rental apartments - was praised by the panel for anchoring itself on a nine-story podium that occupies the disused, interstitial spaces found between the Granville Street Bridge’s entry and exit ramps.

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BIG proposes to transform these dismal spaces, which is unsurprisingly dominated by cars and avoided by human activity, into a cultural and pedestrian destination. Glass “prisms” will provide desirable retail and public space, while existing building facades and bridge surfaces will be converted into a dramatic outdoor gallery. In addition, Bjarke envisions the road which crosses below the bridge to become a host for outdoor markets, festivals and concerts. Impressed, panel member Peter Wreglesworth described the project as “whole composition that is urban art.”

Although getting the urban design panel’s approval is a major step for the project, Beach and Howe still has a long process ahead before achieving city approval.

Concerns with the 52-story tower have already been raised by the advocacy group called CityHallWatch, which monitors developments. As reported by The Globe and Mail, spokesman Randy Helten believes the tower’s height, especially close to residential False Creek and the bridge entrance, is a problem, stating: “The 497-foot height of such a building really only belongs in the central business district.”

A more refined version of the design will be presented to the public in an open house next week and public hearings are expected for later this year.