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建筑师: Atelier Fronti


项目面积:1600.0 sqm

摄影:Courtesy of Atelier Fronti




Architects: Atelier Fronti

Location: Beijing, China

Area: 1600.0 sqm

Photographs: Courtesy of Atelier Fronti

This club is located in a residential area in the west outskirts of Beijing and is a activity site for 52 villas there. The building area is 1600m2. This building includes three floors and consists of coffee halls, meeting rooms and four guest rooms. A three-floor hall at the entrance of the club is separated from the out by a whole glass curtain wall. The main point of this building is the vesion relations between the outdoor and indoor objects .

The club faces to the center green land of the whole area which reserves old trees with nice sceneries. Thus a slope connected to F2 in the hall is designed to enable people to experience the sceneries outside the glass wall. There are many construction difficulties of this club. The 3.6m-wide and 3.6m-high door at the entrance experienced difficulty in designing and making phase. The 11m-high. glass wall is suspended in the west. The upper glass wall is 7m high and need to be tempered according to the standard, but only 6.8m tempered glass can be produced by the tempering furnace, thus the curtain wall challenges the limit of this era unintenionally.