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建筑师: HHD_FUN Architects


土木工程师:H&J International

摄影: Courtesy of HHD_FUN Architects





Architects: HHD_FUN Architects

Location: Rizhao, China

Civil Engineer: H&J International

Photographs: Courtesy of HHD_FUN Architects

LanQiao clubhouse is located on the south part of the 2km long Shanhaitian beach park in Rizhao, east China. The 1150 square meter building includes saunas, cafe, and an outdoor swimming pool. Each facility is uniquely functioned so together can provide a complete touristic experience to its visitors.

Alongside the beach, the key feature of this park is its 50 year old black pine forest and the design challenges are to minimize the construction impact to the natural environment. As a result, the building was pushed towards the sea to preserve the forest and the form of the building was minimized in order to fit into their natural environment while at the same time to gain the best vista. The swimming pool was strategically positioned in the buffer zone in-between the building and the beach which provide fantastic view to its guests.

Special steel structure was designed to fit the complex building from at the same time create big span column free space. Parametric design technique has been adopted throughout all design process i.e. form finding, structure optimization, facade penalization and construction documentation, which make sure the complex shape can be “made” by local low technology manufacturer.  “Low Technology Parametric Design” is our strategy to face China’s current construction situation.