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建筑师: Lab Modus


项目团队:Kevin Chang (Principal), Jeanne Lin (Designer)

项目面积:600 sqm


摄影:Lab Modus





Architects: Lab Modus

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

Project Team: Kevin Chang (Principal), Jeanne Lin (Designer)

Area: 600 sqm

Year: 2013

Photographs: Lab Modus

The curvilinear form, conceptualized from sea shell, provides a strong visual image to the neighborhood. The scheme consists of a three-story grey glazed volume and a sequence of double-curved white coated metallic panels.

This set of panels constantly shift both in width and pitch with a nonlinear rhythm to provide sunlight for interior space and as well to give perceptibility for users inside the building.

Giving maximum presence to the context, the overall massing of project applies advantage of the length of street front side to make a continuous extension to the back side of the project.